Tidal Stream Industry Energiser Project (TIGER) – Interreg Manche

The growth of Tidal Stream Energy in France and in the UK

TIGER addresses the need to reenergise the stalled Tidal Stream Energy sector in France and in the UK. The project will build cross-border partnerships to develop new technologies, test and demonstrate them at a number of locations in and around the Channel region and use the learning from this development to make a stronger, cost-effective case for Tidal Stream Energy as part of the FR/UK energy mix.

TIGER will:

  • switch back on the dormant Ramsey Sound site (Pembrokeshire, UK) and install up to 1MW of new turbine capacity;
  • create a new operational community energy scheme at Isle of Wight with up to 1.2MW of new turbine capacity;
  • repurpose the Paimpol-Bréhat site (Brittany, FR) and install 100KW of capacity;
  • complete consenting at two new sites at Le Raz Blanchard (Normandy, FR), and a new site in Morbihan (Brittany, FR) installing 500kW, with the opportunity to install a further 6MW of new installed capacity during the project.

In doing so, the project could install a total 8.8MW of additional energy capacity, leading to a reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions of 11,000 tonnes per year, creating investment in coastal communities, an economic increase in Gross Value Added of €13m per year and contribute to a Tidal Stream Energy cost reduction towards €150/MWh.


  •  up to 15 new turbines installed;
  • 13 technologies developed and tested, new consent processes;
  • 46 optimised or new design for TSE products;
  • 5 new low carbon technology networks.

Lead Partner : Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult “OREC”.

Project Partners : QED Naval Limited, Hydroquest, University of Plymouth, Normandie Hydroliennes, Bretagne Développement Innovation, University of Manchester, University of Bretagne Sud, EDF, University of Le Havre Normandie, Cambrian Offshoer SW LTD, Orbital Marine Power Limited, SEENEOH, EMEC, Minesto AB, Morbihan HydroEnergies SASU, University of Caen Normandie, University of Exeter.

Website : www.InterregTiger.com

You can learn more about the project by accessing the project developper MHE (Morbihan HydroEnergie) website. MHE is owned by Sabella and 56énergies.