SABELLA’s history

Over 10 years of innovation

Founded in 2008, SABELLA is a French pioneering tidal and ocean stream turbine developer, supplying reliable turnkey energy solutions worldwide.

In the early 2000s, Jean François DAVIAU, drawing on his 25 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, alongside with Hervé MAJASTRE, an engineer specialised in energy storage systems, created Hydrohélix Energies based on a subsea tidal turbine patent. SABELLA was incorporated in 2008 with Hydrohélix, Sofresid Engineering, Dourmap and In Vivo Environnement, and Jean François was appointed President of SABELLA.

Based in Quimper in Brittany region of France, the company counts around twenty employees and so far, two tidal turbines were tried and tested in real conditions, D03 and D10.


1st tidal turbine installed in France for a 12-month trial
D03 – 30 


1st tidal turbine to supply electricity to the French grid
D10 – 1000


ICE D10 second campaign at sea for a 3 year exploitation
D10 – 1000


TIGER project: development of a pilot tidal farm in Morbihan Gulf
2 x D08 – 250


PHARES: deployment of a pilot tidal farm for Ushant island
2 x D12 – 500