Intelligent Community Energy (ICE) – FRANCE

Second sea campaign of D10 tidal turbine

Led by BDI (Brittany Innovation Development agency), the ICE project develop and implement a new energy scheme for Ushant Island by coupling energy storage systems, different renewable energy sources and smart-grid systems.

The D10 tidal turbine was reinstalled in the Passage du Fromveur as part of this project for another three years of sea trials. This second operating period consolidate the lessons learnt and lead to an improvement of the performances of the turbine, while securing Ushant’s energy supply before the commissioning of the Eussabella pilot tidal farm.

In order to ensure a continuous and reliable production, this optimised version of the D10 turbine includes appropriate redundancy of the energy conversion chain.

As part of the ICE project, an experimentation on “renewables off-peak hours” is carried out in Ushant. Off-peak hours are synchronised with tide tables to enhance the use of household appliances when the tidal energy injected reaches its peak. This smart-grid scheme can then be applied to other tidal projects for remote grids and isolated communities.