SABELLA D10 – France

First grid-connected tidal turbine in France

The D10 project was nominated in 2011 as part of the “Marine Renewable Energy Demonstrators” call for interest launched by ADEME (French Agency for Environment and Energy Management) and received funding through the “Investments for the Future” national program. A complementary subsidy from the European Regional Development Fund was awarded by the Brittany region, thus reflecting the European support to tidal energy in Brittany.

Ifremer and BUREAU VERITAS, both D10 project collaborative partners, shared their expertise and knowledge with SABELLA’s team.

Immersed in 55-meter water depth and grid-connected in November 2015, D10 became the first tidal turbine to supply electricity to the French grid.

One full year of sea trials enabled SABELLA to gather crucial feedbacks on its technology, validated the turbine’s mechanical dimensioning, its structural integrity and allowed to observe a neutral impact on the marine environment.

SABELLA applies a communication policy based on regular public meetings, a storytelling communication and a strong presence on the media and social networks. The D10 project was well received by Ushant inhabitants, who really appropriated the project.

This technological and maritime adventure fueled a lot of enthusiasm among the public.

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