SABELLA takes over tidal energy assets from GE

SABELLA takes over the tidal energy assets from GE Renewable Energy following the terms of an agreement signed on the 18th of January 2021. These assets gather all the tidal energy concepts developed by GE Renewable Energy since 2013, including assets inherited through acquisitions (TGL, Rolls Royce and Alstom), as well as the OCEADE trademark. The technology consists of DG III, DG IV and DG IV.1 tidal turbines, which have been commissioned and have produced 1.6 GWh. The DG IV.1 tidal turbine also incorporates several technological innovations.

In this way, SABELLA turns into GE Renewable Energy tidal activity’s successor and becomes the owner of a wide portfolio of concepts and technologies. 

GE Renewable Energy holds 15% of SABELLA’s capital shares and becomes a board member. GE Renewable Energy values 13 years of investment and work led accordingly to methods of company in high-technology sector.