Sabella and PT MEINDO celebrate tidal agreement signature with PT PLN (Persero)

Tidal energy leader Sabella is enthusiastic to start a strategic partnership with the state-owned Indonesian corporation PT PLN (Persero) and PT Meindo Elang Indah to jointly perform a feasibility study for a first tidal farm development in Indonesia. PT PLN is in charge of electric power distribution in Indonesia and generates the majority of the country’s electrical power.

The cooperation document, which was signed on the sidelines of PT PLN’s hydropower and geothermal seminar in Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali, Thursday 22nd September, is expected to be one way to accelerate the energy transition while optimizing all new and renewable energy (EBT) potential in Indonesia.

Indonesia has one of the biggest tidal stream energy potential in the world, with more than 13 000 islands.
During this conference, PT PLN (Persero) Director of Mega Project and EBT, Bapak Wiluyo Kusdwiharto, declared that if the study is completed, it will be an important capital to build the first ocean current energy power plant in Indonesia.

Bapak Darmawan Prasodjo, PT PLN President Director, stated for ANTARA news: “We consider everything according to the local availability of renewable energy. Of course, eastern Indonesia is an archipelago with high ocean currents. We are starting to map out what the potential and needs are.”

Tidal stream energy production is fully predictable and completely invisible. It can become a game changer for Indonesia by producing a baseload electricity for the islands highly populated while respecting the astonishing nature and the beautiful landscapes.