Tidal stream power:

a clean and predictable solution, driving force of the energy transition

With a differentiated and economically-optimised range of tidal energy converters,
protected by appropriated patents, SABELLA develops
tidal stream turbines to harness the clean energy from marine currents.

Based on a clean and reliable resource,
the model offered by SABELLA is a sustainable alternative
to costly and polluting fuel-based power generation, prior to reaching
the commercial stage with tidal arrays for interconnected sites.

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Installation of D03–30 kW
in the Odet estuary in Brittany
Immersion of D10–1 MW
1st tidal turbine to inject electricity
into the French grid
Second operation phase of D10–1 MW
for a three-year exploitation
after optimisation works
PHARES project led by AKUO Energy,
deployment of a pilot farm
of two tidal turbines
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